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Is Flashback suitable for my event?

If you want a storming 2 hours of non-stop disco and club classics to keep your guests dancing - then yes!

Whereabouts does the band play?

If the price is right - anywhere! Our nominal base is Bournemouth on the south coast of England, but we'll travel anywhere (both within the UK and beyond) if budget and logistics allow.

What are the technical requirements for this band?

We are fully self-contained with professional PA, backline, radio mics and lighting, but there's a few pre-requisites to note. This is typically what we need:

  • Ground floor venue (no stairways or basements unless there is elevator access), so normally a hall, hotel function room or decent size marquee
  • Parking in close proximity to the venue, ie within 25m as we have lots of heavy kit
  • Raised stage or sufficient floor space for 6 musicians plus kit - minimum dimensions 5m across by 3m deep
  • Power supply - minimum 2x 13A/240V power sockets within 5m of stage area
  • Noise limits - none! We play high energy dance hits and need to be able to 'do our thing'. We are not insanely loud but are wholly incompatible with any noise limiting regime - whether installed by the venue (ENCS = Environmental Noise Control System) or mobile monitoring enforced by local councils. Please check this very carefully with your chosen venue as noise limits are a deal-breaker for us.  :)

Does the band provide its own PA system and lighting?

Yes and yes.  Generally speaking, our self-contained systems are suitable for indoor and marquee events up to ~ 250 guests. Bigger events will require additional PA hire, or ideally an events company to take care of PA/foldback and lighting. More details available on request.

I'd like to hold my event outdoors - can the band cope with this?

Yes - provided the band and all its equipment are under cover and fully protected from the elements. With £15k of kit and 240V electrical supply, this is crucial for everyone's safety. Typically this would mean a marquee or substantial awning/gazebo/stage installation. Remember we'd need level access and parking within 25m too.  :)

Can the band play bigger events, say 500+ guests?

Absolutely yes - but in this case you'll need to budget for a 3rd party or events company to 'wet hire' sound and light. This would incude PA (Front of House and foldback), plus sound and lighting engineers. More details available on request.

What does the band charge?

That depends. As you can imagine, there's a whole lot of work gone into preparing our shows, not to mention time spent rehearsing, travelling, buying kit and various professional costs. As a rule of thumb, expect to pay around £250 per musician per night - so that's £1,500 for a typical Saturday night (excluding premium dates, eg Christmas, New Year's Eve etc). That assumes a ground-floor venue within 1 hour of Bournemouth, setup from 5pm, event starting 7pm and 2x 1 hour live sets between 9pm and midnight. Further afield, early setup, late finish and/or overnight stays will clearly add to the cost. We appreciate you could hire a pub band in ripped jeans for less money - but we focus on being professional, well-presented and impressing your guests. In that sense, you get what you pay for.  :)

What are the usual timings for an event?

Again it depends, and we can be flexible subject to budget. However, typically we expect to setup from 5pm (allow 2 hours for this), and be done setting up so events can start at 7pm. We then normally 'chill out', eat a meal, and dress for the gig between 7pm and 9pm, then play 2x 1 hour live sets after 9pm and finishing by midnight (with a short break between sets). We can provide background/dining music before our live sets, and also during our break. We are also happy to provide our PA and radio mics for your guests' announcements/speeches.

There is insufficient time for the band to setup between the Wedding Breakfast and Evening Reception - can they setup at lunchtime instead?

Generally yes - but this adds several hours and more logistics to the day - so please budget accordingly (typically 25-50% extra).

Can the band play my choice of First Dance song at my wedding?

We can play any commercially available song via iPod, but playing it live is subject to sufficient notice and additional fee. Whilst a First Dance song is clearly important, it accounts for ~ 5 mins of the evening, so we find that most clients are happy to hear the 'famous' version via iPod, before the band starts playing live. Note that for weddings, we do offer the option (at extra cost) of having Lucy or Kevin sing specific songs to backing tracks before the main event, details on request.

What about hospitality? I've heard some bands can be 'divas', so what should I offer or provide on top of their fee?

Our sole focus is to provide you with a fantastic evening's entertainment. We are not very fussy, but do ask for the following out of courtesy:

  • A secure (lockable) room or space where we can change in private, leave our valuables, and relax when not playing. For the avoidance of doubt - this is not the toilets! It looks poor when guests see bands changing in the loos, or in their cars - and most venues are happy to provide a space for this purpose.
  • Free soft drinks for the duration of the event (tea, coffee, mineral water etc). Alcohol is welcome but  not mandatory, plus we all drive anyway so would never abuse this privilege.
  • Ideally a hot meal, either with the guests or in a separate room. We do not insist on this, but it helps keep the band happy and avoids us heading off in search of food after we setup! Remember, we typically set off for gigs mid afternoon, work all evening and don't get home til 3am - so getting fed by the client is most welcome indeed.  :)

If I book the band, how and when do I pay them?

We ask for a 25% deposit when contracts are issued and the booking is confirmed. This gives you confidence that we've accepted the gig, and us security that you won't cancel.  There are cancellation charges which apply as the date approaches, but this is clearly called out in our paperwork, and adheres to industry norms. We ask for the balance 1 week prior to the gig. All monies are held in a ring-fenced account, and not released to the band until we complete our work. Not that this has ever happened to date... but should we fail to appear (eg thru illness, accident or Force Majeure), you are guaranteed a full refund of all monies paid (including your deposit). In terms of payment method, we prefer BACS, and are always happy to provide receipts.

What if I book the band, pay a deposit but later have to cancel the event?

Typically you would forfeit your 25% deposit, and if close to the date of engagement there might be further cancellation charges (since it's very hard to replace a gig at short notice). However, this is all clearly called out in our paperwork, and you have the choice whether to sign or not.  :)

What if the band cannot appear?

This is an exceptionally low risk, since we live and breathe to perform live! It's not happened even once in my 30+ years career, but should we fail to appear (say, due to illness, accident or Force Majeure), then we guarantee to return all monies paid, ie both your deposit and your balance. Please note that under such conditions, this would be the limit of our liability, and we expressly exclude liability for consequential loss.

Does the band have PLI (Public Liability Insurance)?

Yes - via the MU (Musicians Union), we have PLI to a limit of £10M. Certification available on request.

Does the band have PAT tested equipment?

Yes - certification available on request.

Can I see the band's set list, or choose which songs they play?

Well, you can see an example of what we play here.

However, we reserve the right to vary this as required, and alas we don't play 'to order'. The reason our show works so well is that we have many years (and hundreds of gigs) in collective experience - so we know what works and will keep an audience dancing. We've also spent untold hours arranging and rehearsing our material. We ask our clients to respect this, and allow us to 'do our thing' to maximise the impact for all your guests.  :)

Can I see an example of the band's paperwork?

Yes - you can see an example here - but each event is different so specific terms may vary.  :)

Your paperwork says you won't perform via noise limiters - but the venue says this should be OK - what's the issue?

Any venue with ENCS (Enviromental Noise Control System) will play down its significance because they don't want to lose your business. The fact is, once a council enforces noise limits on a venue, it becomes incompatible with our band - the noise limits are always too low, so we can't perform without tripping them. When a 'trip' occurs, the power to the stage gets instantly cut - bringing a halt to the show, normally followed by a loud 'thud' as the power gets restored. This can damage our equipment - not to mention our reputation - and it totally disrupts the event. For this reason, we'd rather turn down work than play with noise limiters. Therefore, we explicitly call out ENCS as a deal-breaker in our contracts, making it vitally important that your chosen venue has no such restrictions.

Can I see the band perform in public?

Our gigs are typically for private or corporate clients, making it tricky to admit prospective customers. However, occasionally we hold a 'showcase' gig in a public venue. That's the best way to audition us but you'll need to check for any upcoming shows - please use the Contact Us page. Alternatively, we have a demo video montage available here.

Flashback - ultimate party band UK

Flashback - the ultimate UK party band